Bursting Discs – Minimise the loss in valuable manufacturing time

Have you heard engineers designing a product with the sole purpose that it fails? No, right? This idea sounds absurd and absolutely bizarre. For instance, a car manufacturer may never say that “Our cars are faulty and will break down after running 500 miles” in their marketing campaign. Imagine the consequences that a mobile manufacturer may have to face if they reveal that their mobile phones are designed to explode.
Perhaps these analogies are an exaggeration, but the bottom line is that there is no company who would engineer products who are destined to fail. It simply does not make sense. However, there is an exception to this philosophy: a product that is engineered to fail: Bursting discs.

Bursting discs, also known as rupture discs, are used in process safety systems. They serve as a sacrificial part of the production process, specifically designed to rupture by breaking down when the pressure threshold of production equipment exceeds a certain limit, which helps in stopping the process while preventing a dangerous or hazardous event from taking place.

Bursting discs are an extremely critical piece of equipment that are utilised by companies to ensure that their process safety is in compliance with the International Safety Standards (IEC 61508/61511). Due to their inherent nature, these devices prove to be most effective when they fail as per pre-established specifications.

Bursting discs that are inferior in quality can cause unwarranted and costly shutdowns owing to the lack of quality assurance and expertise pertaining to the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is evident for a company to invest in high-quality rupture discs to ensure that they do not lose valuable manufacturing time and produce quality product.

Assentech supply Bursting Discs for different process industries including, but not limited to, chemical, petroleum refining, industrial gases, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food and beverage, transportation, amongst several others. Assentech offer the highest calibre rupture discs that are currently available in the market.


Pharmaceutical Pressure and Vacuum Relief Bursting Discs -Rupture Discs Pharmaceutical Food Drink Water
Pressure and Vacuum Relief Bursting Discs -Rupture Discs Chemical Process
Safety Relief Bursting Discs -Rupture Discs Oil and Gas Pressure Relief Vacuum Relief
Safety Relief Bursting Discs -Rupture Discs Oil and Gas Pressure Relief Vacuum Relief

A company should never compromise when it comes to safety as even a slightest margin of error can be detrimental for their business. Infrastructures using complex manufacturing process necessitate safety systems that are carefully and specifically designed to decrease the risk of dangerous and hazardous events. Meanwhile, it is also imperative that the manufacturing process should not compromise productivity, profitability, and reliability. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality achieved so you can put your faith in our products as It ticks all the boxes when it comes to reliability, productivity, and profitability and will provide you with a long-term solution for your most complex and technical

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