High Performance Bursting Discs (Rupture Discs)


With a product tested to 5 million cycles, the Continental Disc HPX bursting disc will be there to do its job – to protect. You can rest at ease knowing that if it comes down to that moment, the disc will be there to perform that one final act. It’s tested. It’s proven.

The bursting discs Assentech supply are manufactured by Continental Disc Corporation (CDC). As with all of the products Assentech supply, our bursting discs are of the highest quality and offer market leading performance.

The HPX and SANITRX HPX  Bursting Discs are high precision pressure relieving devices that protect personnel, equipment and the environment.

The versatility of the HPX Product Family offers pressure protection for a wide range of applications in many processing industries, including:  chemical, oil and gas, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, pulp and paper, power and more.

The HPX Product Family is the most advanced line of rupture discs available, incorporating proven performance in excess of five million cycles, operating up to 95% of burst pressure, and offered in a wide range of burst pressures, materials and sizes. These features support reduced down time and lower maintenance costs, increasing the productivity of your facility.

HPX bursting discs product Family  includes: 

HPX bursting discs product Family is designed for use in bolted flange or sanitary clamped installations, the HPX and SANITRX HPX ,LPX Bursting Disc product family offer the following versatile features:

DISC SIZES // HPX: 1” through 12”; SANITRX HPX: 1” through 3”; SANITRX HPX II: 1½” through 4”

DISC MATERIALS // 316 and 316L Stainless Steel, Nickel, MONEL, INCONEL, HASTELLOY C, Tantalum1

BURST PRESSURES // 10 psig to 2000 psig (0,689 barg to 138 barg)

MANUFACTURING RANGE // Zero, -5% and -10%

OPERATING RATIO // Choice of 90% or 95%

SAFETY RATIO // 1 to 1 or less. If the rupture disc becomes damaged, it will relieve at or below the burst pressure.

DURABILITY // Design tested for 5 million cycles2 from full vacuum to the maximum operating pressure.

DESIGN // Non-fragmenting, reverse acting, bubble-tight seal.

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