HPX bursting discs (rupture disc) tested to over Five Million life cycles

HPX bursting discs (rupture disc) tested to over Five Million life cycles

Continental Disc Corporation’s HPX bursting discs (rupture disc) outpaces the industry.

Advancing technology and safety through innovation, Continental Disc Corporation has successfully tested its HPX bursting discs (rupture disc) to over five million pressure/vacuum cycles. This is over five times longer than previously achieved within the industry.

The versatility of the HPX bursting discs (rupture disc) Product Family offers pressure protection for a wide range of applications in many processing industries, including: chemical, oil and gas, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, pulp and paper, power and more.

The HPX Bursting Discs  Product Family is the most complete and advanced line of rupture discs available, operating up to 95% of burst pressure and offered in a wide range of burst pressures, materials and sizes. These features support reduced down time and lower maintenance costs, increasing the productivity of your facility!

Along with a host of accessories, such as gaskets, fittings, clamps, flanges and two alarm systems: the BDI-FLX Burst Disc Sensor System and B.D.I. Alarm System, the HPX Rupture Disc Product Family is comprised of:

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logoEstablished in 1965, Continental Disc Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rupture disc devices for a variety of process industries, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, dairy, aerospace, gases, electronics, and other markets worldwide.