Assentech Sales Limited is the UK’s Exclusive Distributor for Groth Corporation.

Groth are without a doubt the premier manufacture of tank equipment and we are proud to be working with them. Groth offer a broader product range and material selection than any other manufacturer which gives us more scope for satisfying our customers’ requirements.

The Groth Gas Blanket Regulator ensures that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapour space of a storage tank. When liquid is pumped from a tank or the temperature drops, a vacuum condition would develop. With the Groth regulator, a blanket gas is delivered to maintain the desired tank pressure. Blanket gas pressure can be maintained as low as 0.5″ W.C. This reduces evaporation of stored product to a minimum and prevents the introduction of air and moisture to the tank. This conserves product and greatly reduces emissions. It also assists with providing fire protection by maintaining an inert gas environment in the tank.