When it comes to safety, there is no room for compromise or margin for error. Complex manufacturing infrastructures require safety systems that reduce the risk of hazardous events while ensuring process reliability, productivity, and profitability. We can confidently say that Continental Disc Corporation products provide our customers with the highest levels of safety protection money can buy.

Whether it’s from the standard product line or a custom-manufactured bursting disc (rupture disc) for a one-of-a-kind application, Continental Disc Corporation has built a reputation for solving the toughest pressure relief problems for OEM’s…Chemical…PetrochemicalFood Processing…Electronics…Defense…Space Exploration…Aircraft and Aerospace…and countless more.

HPX Bursting Discs are the most advanced bursting discs on the market designed for the high demand applications. Intertek awarded CDC’s HPX, BDI, and BDI-FLX products the coveted SIL rating of four (4), a score that cannot be improved upon.

ICON & ICON-TL Bursting Discs are specifically designed to protect transportation vessels such as railroad portable containers, tank cars, over-the-road tank trucks and other vessels that transport liquid or gas products, from potentially damaging over pressure conditions.

The B.D.I. (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System is designed for use with Continental Disc bursting discs. The B.D.I. Alarm System signals the system operator when a rupture disc has burst to relieve an overpressure or vacuum condition.

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